Advertising Design

Li Fahong Red Man Designer

I love font design. Since I joined last year, I have been practicing daily. I have also met many excellent designers and grown up with everyone. ——Hello everyone, I am a font design enthusiast, Xia.

Yin Bo Red Man Designer

I have been a full-time contracted designer of for a year. I have a deeper understanding of design and have learned a lot from communicating with other designers. I will continue to work to improve the design level and work hard!

Wang Shouqiang Red Man Designer

Everything in my eyes is composed of visual elements. Visual design subverts our senses through the continuous deconstruction and reconstruction of points, lines, faces, and colors. Our value lies in breaking through the solidification of vision and bringing more innovation and vitality. Concise design works.

Dong Hehong designer

It has been almost two years since I joined, and I have improved a lot with the development of the website. My work can be creative and try different new styles. This is a joy that I can't experience in my work. I am honored to grow with Baitu. I hope that the website is getting better and better.

Zhang Yupeng Red Man Designer

A designer is a hard and noble profession. The hard work is that we often have to accept the boss who is not too aesthetic, and noble is the inspiration that we have every time! Abstraction, realism, modernity, ancient style, all-encompassing, and much change. But no matter what style and creativity, it is inseparable from the subjective thinking of the designer. Without thought, there is no soul. Therefore, a thoughtful work must be good. Good here does not just mean that you can pass the audit, mainly because it reflects yourself! ——A small and hard-working design

Gong Yihong designer

Take each poster seriously and hope to provide better posters to different customers. I hope that I can make a breakthrough in the next time and contribute a little to the package.

Chen Jie Deep- working Little Bee Award

I never believe in lazy freedom. The freedom I aspire to is a broader life achieved through hard work and hard work. That kind of freedom is precious and valuable ... Hello, everyone, I am big-eyed Post-90s graphic designer.

Li Jing industrious little bee award

When I first graduated, I worked in an advertising company and came across by accident. I've learned a lot of things I haven't encountered before, and I'm very happy to be able to do what I love. I am very grateful to for your company's constant companionship. I hope will do better and better.

Zhang Lei's Hardworking Bee Award

The poster design is not too restrictive. It can be a casual stroke. The theme of the publicity is very NICE. Designing makes me happy and makes me a yearning for freedom. I do n’t want to be bound by work. .


Ye Yajun Red Man Designer

Photography is the light of life, dedicated to a variety of multi-purpose shooting and creation, portraits, still life cuisine, architectural space, scenery, sketches, humanities, etc., is good at capturing the most moving points of the picture. The temperature of the lens makes the soul of the photo.

Dai Qin Red Man Designer

I am a photographer and drones and cameras are the eyes of the world I discover. Whether it is the magnificent natural scenery, the colorful city scenery, or the life atmosphere on the streets, I would like to record their beauty and add value to the images.

Zheng Yan's Hardworking Bee Award

A professional architectural photographer and father of a two-year-old baby, loves to play basketball, and is full of curiosity about life. His biggest wish is to take the baby to go all over the place.

UI design

Li Yue Red Man Designer

Interest is the best companionship. After completing your favorite design, you will gain the trust of the user and achieve a sense of achievement, so that everything in the process is memorable. Make a good UI interface to make the world more beautiful.

Xie Wenwei Red Man Designer

Everything requires constant practice to break through. Although joining the big family of Baotu has not been long, it has grown a lot in it. I am honored to grow with Bao Tu, and hope that the next design works will be more and more popular with users, and I will continue to deepen myself in this direction.

Zhang Hanghai Award for Industrious Little Bee

Joining the big family of Baotu in 2019, the process is beautiful. Thanks to for giving this opportunity to design more comfortable and beautiful works in the future, so that the design can be truly integrated into the products used by users.

Taobao e-commerce

Xinli Red Man Designer

Rather than designing as a job, I regard it as an interest in life and as a flavoring agent in life. It adds a lot of fun to life. The design industry only learns and keeps up with fashion So as not to be eliminated. Ordinary designer who has been learning

Deng Jianfeng Red Man Designer

Design requires a broad perspective; design requires a keen aesthetic; design requires continuous learning. If you want to be an excellent designer, it will not happen overnight. You must always maintain a learning mentality, constantly enrich yourself, live to the old, learn the old.

Cao Lei Red Man Designer

Persist in learning, persevere, root the craftsman spirit, capture inspiration, and consider the details!

Zeng Xingyue Hardworking Bee Award

He has never been a very talented person. From entering the design industry, he constantly explored and persevered, and he can only make good works and improve his own value. He cannot be a god at least better than yesterday. Come on!


Pan Zhanhong Redhead Designer

Love games, love sound effects production, familiar with making various styles of sound effects. Can make unique sounds through onomatopoeia, synthesis, and various methods.

Changsha Kuanle Cultural Communication Co., Ltd.

Projects that cooperate with often give us inspiration in music creation. During the cooperation, we communicated with Baotu, deepened our understanding of market customers, and committed to achieving a win-win situation and accurate customer positioning.

Hao Yong Red Man Designer

It is often the details that determine the quality of a design work. These subtle differences play a considerable role in reflecting the overall work. No matter how good a design idea is, if you make it rough, it will lose its charm. Thank you for meeting Bao Tu and sharing your mature works with your friends.

Lin Zhongtao Hardworking Bee Award

The source of inspiration for video production is diverse, and a poster can be reasonably dynamic designed into a video template. Old design elements can also be used in new combinations to present novel visual effects.

Office documents

Zhai Chaohong Designer

Recently I like a sentence called "growth, all are against people's hearts." The same is true of learning PPT well. Jumping out of the comfort circle and forcing yourself to grow. Only by continuous practice every day can you improve a little every day.

Zhang Junhua Red Man Designer

In the past two years when I joined, I have gained more than just salary, but also the care and guidance of Baotu's working partners. We have been adhering to the original original intention and producing the best works to meet the needs of various industries. On the occasion of the anniversary of the package, I hope that the package and the designer can make progress together and better serve everyone.

Qiu Qionghui Red Man Designer

In the third year of growing up with Baotu, PPT has become a flavoring agent in my life. I hope that in the new year, I can grow more and bring new and different design ideas.

Zhang Jianchun Industrious Little Bee Award

I like flowers and plants, I like landscapes, I like all beautiful things, I would like to show the beautiful things in the form of PPT, I would like to do more PPT to show more beautiful!

Decoration model

Hu Peiwen Red Man Designer

From stepping out of campus to now, I and have witnessed the growth of each other. Continuous enrichment and self-learning have not only broadened our horizons, but also have our own unique insights and ideas on the design of this road. Picture, the future is unpredictable, I am with you.

Zhang Yinhong designer

After 85, the dad designer, has been engaged in design-related work for several years, pursues the perfect Libra, loves family, loves life, loves design ... loves everything beautiful!
Seeing myself all the way back and forth, gradually getting started as a layman, growing up a little, being able to do things that interest you, and showing interest to the extreme. He can do something in return. is a comprehensive and cost-effective platform. Clients have all the necessary materials and a wide range of possibilities. It is an ideal platform for design practitioners, where they can give full play to their freedom.
I wish to become a vane in the industry and lead the industry trend. I hope that my website will become stronger and stronger and more excellent designers will join. Create more and better works, serve the package, and serve the society.

Liu Binglin Hardworking Bee Award

Buddhist design, like painting, like photography, like to collect excellent design works, and express the inspiration and ideas in my mind, this is a happy thing, to realize your own creativity is a wonderful process. Only by taking advantage of other people's strengths and supplementing one's strengths and weaknesses can we continue to grow.


Wang Luhong designer

Mobile phone plans are based on the customer's practicality, overall beauty, novel typographic elements, high downloads, and other requirements as a standard measure for each design. Professional design vision and precise customer needs to complete each design drawing, promote new and perfect ourselves

Cui Xiaochen Red Man Designer

I have been working in the graphic design industry since I graduated in 2008. I have been a contracted designer of since 2016. I love the design industry. has provided me with many inspirations. is a good design platform. In the past few years, I have learned a lot of new things from signing up with designers. I hope can flourish and provide more design inspiration for our vast number of designers.

Nie Feiqin Little Bee Award

Making new media maps requires a design concept that keeps pace with the times, masters the latest design techniques and styles, makes full use of various trend elements, and has unique and even imaginative ideas to present fresh and beautiful pictures on screen on.


Chen Xuehongren Designer

In the past, paintings started on a whim, and the beginning and end were not finished. Since I started to pack as an illustrator, the integrity of the work has been greatly improved. I tried more techniques and styles. I hope there will be more attempts and breakthroughs in the future. Painting makes me happy, and I feel uncomfortable if I don't paint one day. The words become true when I paint. I am happy.

Huang Kexuan Red Man Designer

Born in nature, I love cats, dogs, and travelling. I am an illustrator under the package. My name is Dong Mushroom, I like to record simple and pure moments in life, and I hope to bring everyone happiness and hope through illustrations. Thanksgiving package map, so that we have a platform that can interact with everyone, let us grow together!

Yang Ting Hardworking Bee Award

I have loved painting since I was a child. With the help of, my drawing skills have improved a lot. Now I am good at beautiful healing style illustrations. For, which helped me a lot, I hope that it will become more and more outstanding in the future and set sail. Say thank you to my friends who support my work. Finally, I wish my painting skills thrive and refill.